• Catégories
    • Halal
    • Baguette
    • Poisson et Sushi
    • Poulet
    • Soupes
    • Fit & Sain
    • Petit pain
    • Sous 8,4
    • Dinde
    • Pâtes
    • LOW calories (<400 kCal)
    • Végétarien
    • Sandwich
    • Boeuf
    • Salades
    • Dessert

A partir de 2,5 EUR !!!


Starting at 1,5 EUR !!!

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FITTASTE = Healthy meals without any additives

Luxfit Food presents a new approach to healthy foods, offering customers meals using mainly organic products without any additives. Our goal is to combine your fitness goals with a healthy, yummy and non-fattening food alternative delivered directly to your office or for pick up in our fitness center. All containers for hot products are micro wave friendly. 


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