• Catégories
    • Pâtes
    • LOW calories (<400 kCal)
    • Végétarien
    • Soupes
    • Sandwich
    • Boeuf
    • Halal
    • Baguette
    • Fit & Sain
    • Poisson et Sushi
    • Sous 8,4
    • Dinde
    • Sans gluten / moins gluten
    • Poulet
    • Petit pain
    • Salades
    • Dessert

A partir de 2,5 EUR !!!


Starting at 1,5 EUR !!!

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Maz, the man behind Royal Bengal and Bay of Bengal is renowned in the  indian cuisine for more than 15  years. His biggest challenge is to propose the healthiest indian culinary experience possible by always respecting the tradition, taste and quality of the products.


Maz himself being intolerant to lactose and gluten knows how upsetting it can be, not to be able to enjoy the curries one like. Because there is nothing better than a good, healthy curry! So for the first time in Luxembourg Maz and his team are presenting DESI DELI, the one and only place where you can enjoy a proper allergens free ( lactose, gluten, nuts, eggs)curries.   


So don't worry any more, just go for DESI DELI.


Il n’y a aucun fabricant à lister.
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