• Catégories
    • Pâtes
    • Petit pain
    • Végétarien
    • Dinde
    • Fit & Sain
    • LOW calories (<400 kCal)
    • Halal
    • Sandwich
    • Baguette
    • Boeuf
    • Poisson et Sushi
    • Sous 8,4
    • Sans gluten / moins gluten
    • Poulet
    • Soupes
    • Salades
    • Dessert

A partir de 2,5 EUR !!!


Starting at 1,5 EUR !!!

Logo Dean and David Dean and David

OUR MISSION ...... is uncompromising freshness. The perfect combination of pleasure and quality with a healthy, light diet defines fast food - uncomplicated, modern, urban. For this purpose, we prepare our meals with fresh and natural ingredients individually for you.
The secret of Dean & David is in the details. Because we process only absolutely fresh and therefore vitamin- and mineral-rich ingredients, which are free from preservatives and taste enhancers - simple, healthy, hand-prepared food!
All products are obtained directly from selected, mostly regional suppliers. We use as many seasonal products as possible - for your health and the environment.


Please note that we changed our prices on 22/04/2019 on all delivery platforms

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